Easily track your
cryptocurrency portfolio


App Features

Real Time Value

See the value of your cryptocurrency portfolio over time in Bitcoin or the currency of your choice

Price Alerts

Set price alerts for coins in Bitcoin or multiple fiat currencies and receive push notifications to your device

Track All Coins

We pull data from multiple sources around the web to bring you the most accurate pricing on all coins available

Multiple Currencies

Track your portfolio value and set price alerts in any popular forex currency of your choice and Bitcoin

Multiple Languages

Cryptonaut supports many languages and plans to add many more! Use our app in the language of your choice

User Experience

At Cryptonaut we pride ourselves in a beautiful app that is easy to use. We make crypto easy.

About Cryptonaut

Cryptonaut makes it easy to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. Whether you’re a passive owner of Bitcoin or an active trader, we allow you to easily track the value of your holdings.
See your portfolio in Bitcoin, Dollars, Euros, and more. Set alerts and receive push notifications when coin prices move.

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We make Bitcoin easy. Cryptonaut helps you easily track the value of your crypto portfolio.



Why Choose Cryptonaut?

Built By Bitcoiners

We’ve been in the Bitcoin game for a long time, and we’ve built a beautiful, quality portfolio manager you can trust

Great UI / UX

We believe the success of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency depends on user adoption. We wanted to make Cryptonaut as simple as possible

All Coins & Currencies

We give you unlimited options for tracking your coins in Bitcoin and multiple currencies, and we source the most accurate pricing data from around the web.