Cryptonaut @Blockchainhotel Conference 2018 (#BTCM2018) in Essen, Germany


We were delighted to attend the Blockchainhotel Conference in Essen Germany. The event was a great opportunity to network with peers from the crypto community and discuss exciting new developments in the space.

The Blockchain Hotel is situated in one of the largest metropolitan regions of Europe. – “das Ruhrgebiet” – and was founded by Gideon Gallasch and Gökhan Köse. The whole team strives to become one of the main hubs for blockchain technology in Europe.

It was a great mixture of attendees in a very relaxed atmosphere. Vít Jedlička spoke about Liberland the state that intends to be a leading role model in the 21st century, combining the best governance practices from constitutions of Switzerland and USA while implementing the latest state of the art technology such as blockchain, as well as proven concepts such as E-Residency demonstrated by Estonia.

Adella Toulon-Foerster talked about trends in crypto law and identified banks as a new attack vector and explained how crypto startups can cope with it.

There have been multiple great speakers as Jörg Platzer (Room77), Marshall Long (eBoost), Susanne Tempelhof (Bitnation), Hendrik Hey (Welt der Wunder – MILC Token), the whole Bitcore Team and many more.

It was fascinating discussing geopolitics with Amir Taaki or the current mining dillemas with Rainer Jacob.

There was a German and an English Track. We were giving a presentation about the recent boom in cryptocurrencies and were presenting new features of Cryptonaut (ICO Calendar, Slack App, Market Filters) and our new advertisement.

In 2013 had around 80,000 wallets, five years later it increased to more than 20 millions wallets.

Marketcapitalization of all cryptocurrencies in the same time period rose from 1 Billion USD to currently 330 B USD, with a peak of roughly 800 B USD in January 2018. In our presentation we also talked about the lack of women involved in crypto projects and that most people in the space check at least once per day crypto prices.

All in all it was a great event with a special atmosphere, thanks a lot to the whole team, you did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to attend #BTCM2019.

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