Cryptonaut is available on Slack


Today we are excited to announce that Cryptonaut is available on Slack. Many users asked us if we could integrate our most popular features into Slack – and now we have ! With our Slack app you can stay connected to crypto prices while you’re working. Set price or percentage-based alerts for your favorite coins and never miss a price swing. Or check the price of any coin you want in real time – all from within Slack !

What is Slack ?

Slack is a cloud based online messaging platform that brings all your communication together in one place. More and more businesses are using this great tool all around the world as it facilitates collaboration for teams of all sizes. Slack is actually an acronym that stands for: “Searchable log of all conversation and knowledge”.

The main features of Slack are:

  • set up private or group chatrooms
  • share files
  • knowledge management (comprehensive search functionality)
  • integrate your favorite tool (e.g. price alerts with Cryptonaut)
  • task list management
  • audio and video calls
  • […]

Slack is an amazing tool for work and collaboration – now you can use it to track crypto too, with Cryptonaut !

The Cryptonaut Slack App

Slack apps are based on slash commands, or typing /{command} followed by some instructions. The slash command for Cryptonaut is /cryptonaut. Here is a list of all of the slash commands available in the Cryptonaut Slack App:

/cryptonaut create-alert percentage { coin } / { currency } ( up | down ) 10% in ( 1H | 24H | 7D ) to create percentage alert.

– create-alert makes an alert, and requires several arguments
– percentage is the argument for a percentage alert. Percentage alerts will fire when a coin goes up or down in value a certain percentage
– Then you must specify the currency pair. For example: BTC/USD. You can specify any coin to any currency supported in the /currency command, or to BTC or ETH. So for example: XRP/EUR, XRP/ETH, or XRP/BTC
– Next, specify up or down, do you want the percentage alert to fire when the coin goes up in value, or down in value?
– Then specify the % amount, such as 5%, 10%, or whatever you like
– Lastly, specify the time frame, we support 1H, 24H, or 7D



” /cryptonaut create-alert percentage BTC/USD up 10% in 24H “


/cryptonaut create-alert price { coin } / { currency } ( above | below ) 11000 to create price alert.
– create-alert makes an alert, and requires several arguments
– price is the argument to create a price alert, which fires when the price of a coin goes above or below a certain amount
– Next specify a currency pair, such as BTC/USD or ETH/BTC. Allowed pairs are any coin to all supported fiat currencies, or /ETH or /BTC
– Then type above or below, to fire the alert if the price goes above or below the amount you will specify next
– Lastly, give us the amount, such as 10000 or 150. This is the price at which you want the alert to fire.


” /cryptonaut create-alert price ETH/USD above 500 “


/cryptonaut price BTC to get price of a coin.
– /cryptonaut price { coin } will return the current market price of a coin
– if no currency pair is specified, then the price will be in USD
– You can also specify a pair such as BTC/EUR or ETH/BTC


” /cryptonaut price BTC “


” /cryptonaut price XRP/BTC “


” /cryptonaut price ETH/JPY “


/cryptonaut price ETH/EUR to get price of a coin and convert it to currency by ” / “.
– As discussed above, using a curreny pair for the price will return the price in the specified currency


” /cryptonaut price LTC/MXN “


/cryptonaut currency to get list of supported currencies.
– /cryptonaut currency will return a list of all currencies supported in the app. These can be used when specifying pairs. Note, /ETH and /BTC pairs are allowed, but ETH and BTC are not returned in this list


” /cryptonaut currency “


/cryptonaut alerts to get list of alerts.
– this command returns all of the alerts currently created


” /cryptonaut alerts “


/cryptonaut alerts { coin } to get list of alerts for a coin.
/cryptonaut alerts { coin } will return all of the alerts currently set for a particular coin


” /cryptonaut alerts BTC “


/cryptonaut delete-alert to get list of alerts you want to delete.
the delete-alert argument allows you to delete an alert you have created. You will see a dropdown list of your alerts, you must choose the one to delete.


” /cryptonaut delete-alert “



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